breakfast + lunch | pedestal foods

Welcome to the Blue & White Bistro for Upper and middle school and Lil' Bistro for our lower school!

menus + ordering

breakfast menu

fresh breakfast options
rotate daily. ls students preorder on facts.

ms + us lunch menu

Lunch Options for the Blue & White Bistro
(5th - 12th)

lower school lunch menu

lunch options for the lil' bistro
(preschool - 4th)

order here

lower school students 
only must preorder 
breakfast, lunch and ice-cream via facts.  

meet pedestal foods


we are thrilled to announce that pedestal foods, a faith-based, innovative culinary provider that focuses solely on educational settings, is now managing food services at nccs!

pedestal provides a variety of fresh foods for breakfast, lunch and snacks, while maintaining all recommended covid safety standards.

pedestal is also committed to ensuring that nccs food services remains peanut free, including cooking processes and all retail items sold. with the exception of retail items potentially being produced in a facility with tree nuts, no food items will contain tree nuts, either. 

A fresh lunch meal at NCCS.

order information

how to order online only lower school students ever need to do this!

  • login to facts parentsweb
  • click “student” on the main menu.
  • select your lower school student from the drop-down menu located at the top left of the screen. once a ls student is selected, the menu will then show up. 
  • then, click “create web order” (also top left). 
  • select the quantity of items. 
  • hit “order items” button at the bottom of the form.

how to see what your child ordered at schoolto view an itemized list of food purchases:

  • login to facts parentsweb
  • click “family” on main menu.
  • under the “family billing” section, click the link that says “details.”

cafeteria renovations

NCCS cafeteria rendering with pedestal foods.

our cafeterias recently underwent beautiful renovations!

the upper/middle school cafeteria is now the blue + white bistro, and the lower school cafeteria is the lil’ bistro.

both boast an array of fresh options, made on our campus daily. 

please note that due to health protocols for 20-21, microwaves, along with vending machines, will not be available for student use on campus. 

NCCS cafeteria view showing ordering counters and attractive decor.

menu variety

daily options include: 

ms + us will enjoy an array of options, below. lower school students will have one hot entree option and one cold entree option daily, as well as ice cream on fridays!  

Comfort Kitchen & WonderWorks | classic homestyle foods, warm entrees and sides, tacos / nachos, asian rice dishes, etc. 
delizioso | pizza and pasta dishes are served up daily! pasta dishes include a composed dish, as well as build-your-own options, and pizzas are made from scratch in our own kitchen! (no frozen pizzas here, folks!)

grill spot | hot off the grill: a weekly burger option, french fries, tater tots, chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, buffalo wings, etc. 

Good Livin', Grab ‘n Go, & Fast Break | gourmet deli sandwich or wrap of the day; fresh entree salads (which will be made fresh and boxed individually, rather than utilizing a salad bar for this year, due to safety standards); plus snacks like parfaits, cheese-and-meat bento boxes, fruit cups, cold dessert rotations, hummus, guacamole, potato chips, and more. 

Wrap Sandwich with Extra Veggies for Lunch!


middle + upper | middle and upper school students do not need to preorder breakfast or lunch. they can just show up and get their meals on the spot. 

lower | lower school students do need to preorder breakfast, lunch, and ice cream (for fridays) on facts parentsweb. ls breakfast will be available from 7:00 - 7:30 only in the ls cafeteria. it will be delivered to the lil’ bistro ls cafeteria for students who preordered to pick up. friday is ice cream day for lower school students, too (preorder on facts)! 

due to health protocols for 20-21, microwaves will not be available for student use on campus. 


it was very important to the school to offer a great food-services experience to our students with minimal financial impact on our families. pedestal is an ideal fit because they work within nccs's pay-as-you-go, preloaded lunch account system.

this means that parents load funds into student lunch accounts, so that students can customize how much they spend or eat each day (or pay nothing if they prefer to bring food from home). food can be purchased by meal or à la carte. 

NCCS offers pedestal foods pasta dishes daily.